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* TWO *  Rubber Tracks w/ TWO Sprockets ( 7165109 )



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Brand: DuroForce
Weight (lbs): 528.77
Width: 450mm (17.7")
Pitch 86mm
Links: 55
Tread Pattern: AE
Part Number: R2-B450*86*55

DuroForce manufactures aftermarket rubber tracks for compact track loaders for the light equipment industry. Our aftermarket tracks meet or exceeds all standards set by the equipment manufactures.

We have been continuously refining our manufacturing process to produce the best aftermarket rubber tracks and will continue to do so to ensure our customers receive a superior product.

Rubber Track Blue Print

Design & Construction

Compact Track Loader Diagram

Solid Steel Links - Solid steel links are standard for this type of track, everyone uses them. So of course DuroForce also uses Solid Steel Forged Links. However on top of our use of solid steel links we also treat all steel parts within our tracks in a special acid wash which helps the bond the steel and rubber. To learn more, read about our special acid wash treatment below

DuroForce Track Solid Steel Links

Rubber Compound - Duroforce uses nothing but the best when it comes to the rubber it uses for its treads. For 10+ years we have be refining the rubber compound we use to make sure the tread meets the durability and quality standards your compact loaders demand..

Why DuroForce's rubber tracks are better:

DuroForce has developed a rubber compound blending process that is unique in the industry. The Rubber we use contains virgin rubber, carbon black, and many other compounds, and materials to aid vulcanization process between the steel and rubber. The formula also significantly minimized the chunking and cut damage cause by sharp objects. This increases the lifespan of the track and reduces the chance premature breakage.

Every Rubber Track is made with DuroForce’s unique rubber compound 

Anti-Breakage Continuous Steel Cord Rubber Tracks

DuroForce uses an anti-breakage continuous steel cord structure within each of its steel link tracks. This technology offers a stronger more durable track with uniform tensile strength around the entire track. This steel cord minimizes the risk of track breakage by distributing the tension forces along the entire track instead of just small areas of the track

Rubber Tracks - Continuous Steel Cord

Acid-Wash Steel Cord

With DuroForce's industry leading acid washing process, our engineers have developed a unique manufacturing process which minimizes bonding issues that may occur during vulcanization process. Even with external cuts and gouges, the rubber in our tracks remains firmly bonded to the steel links and cords.

Acid Washed Steel Cords and Links

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